Bill & Connie M. Testimonial

My wife and I met Shyla thru the Internet. We were moving from Corpus Christi, TX to Henderson, NV. My first contact with Shyla was by phone. She briefed me on the Henderson market.. After several calls, we made plans to travel to NV and meet Shyla. We spent 3 or 4 days looking at different properties in different areas of Henderson and Las Vegas. Finally we made a offer on a short sale in Henderson.. We returned to TX. The short sale did not work out as the seller decide to up his price. We declined to pay the additional request. Shyla was back on the phone to me with a positive attitude about looking some more. In August we went back to NV. and started over with Shyla. She was upbeat as usual and we began to hunt again. This time we found the home we now live in. We were very happy withy Shyla's help and terrific service and warn positive attitude. We wish her every success in her future career in the Real Estate world. Can't say enough positive things about this woman.

Bill R. Testimonial

Shyla was recommended to me by my father who had purchased a vacation home in Henderson several years ago. Since this was my first purchase I wasn't really too familiar with the whole process so Shyla's responsiveness and dedication really helped make everything go smoothly.

She was also very helpful in helping us line up inspectors, financing, etc, etc.

Highly recommend and will use Shyla again in the future.

Dan O. Testimonial

My fiance and I just closed on our first house, and we are extremely satisfied working with Shyla. She really knows the Las Vegas housing market, like where you want to live and where you don't, and she was a "one-stop-shop" source for help and information at every stage in the home buying process. Shyla would meet with us to see houses on our schedule, and would help setting up appointments. If there were good or bad things about each house, she would point them out and help us evaluate if each house was worth placing an offer on. My fiance and I have very different temperaments and she somehow managed to successfully work with both of us. After a just couple meetings, she pretty much knew what we were looking for. Any paperwork that she put together for us was correct and she made sure everything was processed without issue. Our transaction was a short-sale, so there was a lot of paperwork, but Shyla followed up on our behalf and things worked out well. She communicated with us, the lender and the seller regularly and would send updates when new information was available or just to confirm that things are still being processed in a timely manner. Shyla walked us through every step and explained things to us in words we could understand, right up to the handing over of the keys to the house. She is even helping us with referrals to trusted contractors to do some work on our new home. We could not have asked for a better Realtor: Smart, Persistent, Thorough and Pleasant. I hope that anyone considering working with Shyla finds this review helpful.

Dan W. Testimonial

I was referred to Windermere from a friend of mine. I wanted to find a property that fit a very distinct criteria and had only a weekend to search. Before I flew into town, Shyla sent me multiple properties to look at, each one of them fitting my criteria, ranging form owner occupied, short sale, foreclosure and bank owned properties. We settled on 12 to view. I flew into town on Friday and we proceeded to look at all of them. They were as she represented, and we made an offer on Sunday. As the closing dates came closer, there was a lot of paperwork that needed to go back and forth and considering I was in Minnesota and the property was in Vegas and we were progressing on two properties. Ultimately I ended up buying the property in Stallion Mountain and Shyla took care of everything seamlessly. We had a glitch at the very end, which she told me about, worked through for me and we closed on time, and for the agreed upon price. I absolutely love my property and would recommend Shyla to anyone looking to purchase in Vegas, especially if you are an out of town buyer.

Elliott & Dallas G. Testimonial

We thought she was great! She was always available to us and answered ALL of our many many questions! We were moving from out of town and were buying a short sale which was a long process, she helped us find a furnished rental to stay in until our house was available. It meant a lot to us since we were moving all the way from Texas to have her expertise and help. Whatever we needed she was there for us. Her perseverance and willingness to go the extra mile is what got us our house we loved! She made the very stressful home buying process easier for us. I would defiantly recommend Shyla to anyone, she is very personable and good at what she does.

Eric M. Testimonial

Fantastic to work with and goes the extra mile to make things happen. I would highly recommend Shyla and plan to work with her for all of our future real estate needs. I relocated from the east coast and setup a time to meet with Shyla upon my arrival. I had two days to find a place, lock in a lease and head back to the east coast. Shyla spent several hours per day looking at places with me. Our needs were unique and upscale and after looking at 12 places, Shyla found the perfect one. She took care of all the communications with the listing agent, all of the paperwork and got the app processed within 48 hours. How can anyone ask for anything more. BTW, She is on our West Coast Christmas List now.

Jackie E. Testimonial

If you are wise or merely lucky, you will never regret choosing Shyla to represent you in your Real Estate needs, be it buying, selling or leasing. Shyla has represented me in various RE transaction and each has gone seamlessly for me. Shyla, however, will be working 24/7 if that is in her clients best interests and always with a positive attitude and smile. Shyla has the highest level of personal integrity which is genuinely refreshing in this era of 'new normal.' She is gracious to all, has the ability to think quickly on-her-feet and improvise accordingly to benefit her clients. She is detailed-oriented and keeps you fully informed throughout the process. Shyla's listening skills allow her to cut-to-the-chase and astutely focus on your desires and parameters. Her knowledge of the ever-changing RE market is spot on and you can rest assured that she will be open, honest and one step ahead of the game with your best interests her priority.Shyla always goes the extra mile for her clients.......that is just how she does business. Shyla loves what she does and prides herself on being on the edge with RE industry knowledge and contacts. Shyla's clients end up with a win/win. Shyla's knowledge of Las Vegas and how to enjoy life in the desert convinced me to buy in Anthem Country Club and I love it. Working with Shyla is always a pleasure. I found a friend who just happens to take great care of my every RE needs. I recommend Shyla to all family, friends and associates.You can make your own good luck by calling Shyla today!

Joseph R. Testimonial

I was immensely impressed with Shyla. We got in contact well before I purchased my home (or was even sure I was going to purchase), and she patiently helped me by answering questions about the market and area as I refined my own expectations and requirements. The total search probably took 3 months and every time I contacted her, I was impressed once again by the promptness and thoroughness of her replies. I made a short notice trip to Vegas and she was able to show me every house I was considering and more. It was actually one of the additional houses that I ended up buying. I bought a new construction house and we visited several builders. Ordinarily, I despise the sales experience, but Shyla made it much easier to cut through the c&@p and get the un-spun information that I wanted.In summary, she combines the very best elements of energy and professionalism. I highly recommend her and plan to use her exclusively for any future real estate investment I make in the Las Vegas/Southern Nevada area.

Kyle M. & Erin B. Testimonial

Choosing Shyla as our realtor to help us buy our first home was absolutely one of the best decisions we made. Shyla is extremely professional, easy to work with, she understands the market, and as an added bonus she is pleasant, fun, and has a great sense of humor.

As first time home buyers, Shyla walked us through every step with the utmost patience and care. She would give us suggestions and tips based on her professional experiences and knowledge of the market, and guided us in making the smartest decisions for us as homebuyers. Shyla gave us honest advice and we trusted her fully, which is so important when going through this process.

Shyla demonstrated top notch communication. She was super responsive to emails, text messages, and phone calls. She was unbelievably fast when setting up appointments for us to view houses and to submit paperwork. Shyla showed us houses on our schedule on a frequent and consistent basis. I fully credit Shyla's excellent and speedy response time for us getting the house we bought in the competitive Henderson market.

Shyla's pleasant and kind demeanor also was an asset when dealing with sellers. I believe her friendly yet firm and professional nature made her an ideal liaison between us and sellers and their realtors.

As daunting as it can be buying a home in a competitive market, Shyla made the process smooth and enjoyable. She also helped us to gain needed perspective and remain positive throughout the experience, and for that I am especially grateful. Now we are in our new home and we couldn't be happier!

We are so happy to recommend Shyla to anyone looking to purchase a home in the Las Vegas area.

Marshall & Carrie C. Testimonial

Shyla was an absolute pleasure to work with, especially during the very stressful purchase of a short sale with both the sellers and their agent being very difficult to work with. With no previous experience with a short sale purchase, I was constantly bombarding Shyla with questions and concerns; she answered all my questions immediately and was always in contact with us to let us know what was going on, even if there were no new updates. Shyla is very competent, patient and very responsive with her clients. I would sincerely recommend Shyla for any aspect of real state. I trusted her advice and guidance throughout the process of purchasing a home and could not be more pleased with the outcome.

Perry & Cynthia H. Testimonial

The one thing that sticks out in my mind about Shyla is how she would point out 'red flags' with some of the houses we visited. My wife & I would walk through a home we liked, then Shyla would point out a potential structural flaw or some other detail that we should consider. The other Las Vegas agents I've dealt with would never risk pointing out something that may discourage a sale; to those agents, every home was a steal. However, I always felt that Shyla had our best interest in mind -- Shyla is an agent in the truest sense of the word.

Quinn & April T. Testimonial

We highly recommend Shyla! She is knowledgeable, friendly, patient and professional. Shyla was exceptionally easy to work with. She was quick to set up appointments to look at houses anytime of the week and would also point out the pros and cons of houses we toured. Shyla is right there by your side through each step of the buying process and truly has her clients best interest in mind. We have fallen in love with Shyla, closing on our home is bittersweet since we won't be seeing Shyla on a regular basis anymore! We will definitely refer our friends and family to Shyla.

Robert P. Testimonial

I couldn't of asked for more smart or attentive help. Perfect in all aspects of the process of buying a home. I was never worried that I wouldn't find what I wanted with her. I had delt with others and was made to feel discouraged about finding a home in the current market, but Shyla always was positive. She found a perfect place in about six months after looking for almost two years. Maybe this was unique, but she came through for me when I had little hope. Thank you.

Ron G. Testimonial

I worked with Shyla on and off, over the course of a couple years, to find a home for me, and Shyla was outstanding in every way. She is very patient, and knowledgeable, and is the epitome of class and professionalism. Her follow-through on a question or request, such as finding market comps. or figuring out a line-item expense on a HUD-1 is impeccable. She will literally get back to you within seconds, if not minutes, if you need her assistance, and her expertise and resources are limitless. Part of the reason I'm in my new home now, is because of how much the sellers liked Shyla as a realtor (after receiving multiple offers on their home). They appreciated that she had a pleasant demeanor, and wasn't pushy or arrogant as some other realtors in the field are. She was always friendly, upbeat, poised, and professional, and you can tell that she treats everyone with dignity and respect. She knows her business, and is committed to finding the right home for her client, even when the task of driving around town, and looking at homes can be an arduous task. Shyla is not the person to ever complain, or present a negative comment--always upbeat and polite and definitely strives to make sure that the home is a perfect fit for her client. I appreciate her skill, personality, and expertise in finding the right home at the right price at the right time. You are in excellent hands choosing Shyla as your realtor. You simply cannot do any better.

Shannon M. Testimonial

Shyla was amazing from start to finish helping us to buy our vacation home. She was more than accommodating in all aspects of the process, from picking us up at our hotel, to sending timely updates on our situation, to helping us through every single detail. She even went to our new home to let the locksmith and cleaning crew in while we were four states away! I wholeheartedly recommend Shyla for your next purchase, and will definitely be using her expertise again in the future.

Stephen D. Testimonial

One of the best realtors I have ever worked with and I have been in related area of the trade (title insurance/escrow) for over 30 years. Shyla has the knowledge, interest and desire to please the client and work with the client on EVERY level of the transaction. In my opinion there could not be a better agent nor better person than Shyla. Too bad all realtors and real estate people could not be more like her

Stephen K. Testimonial

I'm brand new to Las Vegas and although I've owned a home before, my lack of local knowledge left me feeling like a first time home buyer all over again. That being said, I consider myself very lucky that Shyla got referred to me. Her local knowledge really put me at ease and her quick responsiveness when I had a questions and concerns really made the process much easier. I would definitely recommended using Shyla for your next home purchase!

Tammy H. Testimonial

Shyla Magee was not only professional and talented but patient and hard working. Listen I have dealt with many Real Estate agents in the past and some of them have been down right shady ...lets leave it at that..This one is a pearl ..and you are lucky to have her as your agent. She jumped through all kinds of hoops to get us this house and was patient with our concerns and constant phone calls to check on progress. Thank You Shyla.