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Property Tax Dispute Process

Happy holidays!  I hope all is well with you.

December 15th to January 15th is the time of the year that Clark County residents can contest their property taxes.

While there are no guarantees, many Clark County property owners have followed the simple process below and have been successful in getting their annual property taxes reduced.

Good luck, happy holidays and here is the simplified process:

1.       Notice of Property Value cards were sent from the Clark County assessor on 12/10/18 to the mailing address of the property owner.

2.       Check your mail and review the property value stated on the card.

3.       If you did not receive a card, call the Assessor at 702-455-3882 and request another.

4.       If you agree with the value, have a great holiday season.

5.       If you disagree with the property value, contact the Assessor at 702-455-3882 and let them know you would like to start the appeal process.

6.       They will send you a form in the mail.  Keep an eye out for this form, because it has a serial number on it that ties to your appeal.

7.       Fill out the form and send it back.  Ask your neighborhood real estate agent (me!) to provide some comps of like properties so that you have support for your claim that the value is too high.

8.       Send back your dispute.

9.       Chances are they will call you to inform you that you will need to go to a meeting to discuss the appeal.

10.   If you agree to the meeting and they ask you to go, take your comps with you.

11.   If not you will get a notice by phone or mail that your appeal has been processed and hopefully it is with the good news that your taxes have been reduced!

Good luck and please let me know if you need assistance!